special guests PAUL RESET, MORPHY, VELOCET - Livev
Armed Response DNB
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yellowbenzene & djamba in the mix
   something white
   z groove
   all around
  Chook // phace
  full force
paul reset in the mix
   almost and beyond
  warm communications
   under the radar
  secret society
   warped (survival remix)
   the vendetta
  chris SU // stress level & TC1
  commercial suicide
   ambitions in AM
  pyro // jean doe
  nerve dub
   cold champagne
   awaken life
  velocet // paul reset
   east electra VIP
  nerve dub
  culture shock
   tear you down
  brookes brothers
  breakbeat kaos
   listen up
  pyro // mundane // CRS
  nerve dub
   power and glory
  sleeper cell // redco
morphy in the mix - tracklist forthcoming once cleared!
velocet in the mix - tracklist forthcoming
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