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Deep Blue Dee/Record Store Dee
At The Edge
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   What Difference Does It Make?
  The Smiths
  Rough Trade
We introduce this week's EXTRA SPECIAL Record Store Day edition, and are joined by Dionne once again
   Can't Believe In You
  Stiff Little Fingers
The CCA weedles its way into the show, as we discuss Joe McPhee at Counterflows and Jarvis Cocker's weekend Dj sets (which none of us attended)
  The Primitives
   Sonic Reducer
  Dead Boys
We run down some (two) of our favourite Record Store Day releases of this year, while Phil details his dreams of kickstarting a Deep Blue Sea sequel
   (If You) Keep Me In Your Heart
  The Twilight Sad
  Fat Cat
   Far Side Of Nowhere
  Social Distortion
  Xiu Xiu
  Bella union
   Act I - Waltz
  London Symphony Orchestra
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