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Baba Ghanoush
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  Robbie Williams
   I Know There's An Answer
  Sonic Youth
   Towering Flesh
  Pig Destroyer
  Soft and Wet
  Warner Bros.
   We're So Heavy
  Tye Die Tapes
   Omaha Dance
   The Jerk
  Irma Vep
  The Great Pop Supplement
   Like Janis
  Sixto Rodriguez
   Home Is Where You're Happy
  Charles Manson
  Esp Disk / Awareness
   Dream Of My Love
  Abe Vigoda
   Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou
  Malin Kpon O
  Albarika Store
  Def Jam
   Oh, Pretty Woman
  Roy Orbison
   Stoned and Starving
  Parquet Courts
  Dull Tools / What's Your Rupture?
   Chandler In A Box
  Sex Hands
  Song By Toad
   Duck and Cover
  Audio Grot
   Shame Chamber
  Kurt Vile
   Don't Lie
  The Mantles
   Awaiting On You All
  George Harrison
  Hot Snakes
   Yeah Right
  White Label
   Nu Two
  Gummy Stumps
  Winning Sperm Party
   Fire and Ashes
  Popcorn Fiend
  White Label
   Psychiatric Exploration of the Foetus with Needles
  Flaming Lips
  Warner Bros.
   Gut Feeling
  Warner Bros.
   Funeral Song
  Captured Tracks
   The Russian
  The Bees
   Tom Longshanks
  White Label
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