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hiphop // electronica // disco // pop // rnb

Babestation has your two favourite Glasgow-based glamour girls in one place, all ready to tease and tantalise your earbuds!! We're dedicated to bringing you music created exclusively by femmes and LGBT+ musicians. Mixing sexy R&B with smooth electronica, and the occasional pop banger thrown in for good measure - hold on to your headboards because our show will have you screaming for more...

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   19:00 - 20:00
   Fri, 01/03/2019
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babestation gets angry
15/02/2019 // babestation gets angry

do u ever get angry ? like really really angry ?? do u ever wanna scream ?

well babestation is here to get angry with you !

with special guest emma (horreurscopes) we’re gonna play some raging songs & let off some steam

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