Beat Beneath
techno // house // electronic // bass // deep

Beat Beneath presents a selection of moods and rhythms from the centre to the edges of the dancefloor alongside interesting sounds from all around the musical universe. Expect dancefloor tracks, ambient abstractions, basement grooves, worldwide and otherworldly vibes and more, with a focus towards the more deep, heady and underground side of things but space for anything appealing.

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   15:00 - 17:00
   Sun, 11/06/2017
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last light
16/04/2017 // last light

It's been several months since the last full-length solo/non-feature show so it's time to indulge in some favourite new releases, discoveries and other acquisitions from the last while. Also after his recent passing there'll be a few tracks from Mika Vainio's incredible musical legacy, RIP!

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