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Beat Beneath
techno // house // electronic // bass // deep

Beat Beneath presents a selection of moods and rhythms from the centre to the edges of the dancefloor alongside interesting sounds from all around the musical universe. Expect dancefloor tracks, ambient abstractions, basement grooves, worldwide and otherworldly vibes and more, with a focus towards the more deep, heady and underground side of things but space for anything appealing.

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   16:00 - 18:00
   Sun, 17/02/2019
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Beat Beneath presents Mutualism: Clemency b2b BFTT
17/02/2019 // Beat Beneath presents Mutualism: Clemency b2b BFTT

This month Beat Beneath is showcasing the Manchester/Leeds/Cologne based Mutualism collective who’ve been releasing music and putting on events in clubs and other spaces across the North of England for the last few years. Representing are members Clemency and BFTT with an hour-long b2b session.

Clemency Instagram Twitter Soundcloud

After spending her formative years in the power electronics and noise scene, as a DJ Clemency weaves together dark club music, heavy techno, abrasive trap and broken breakbeats and hosts a monthly slot on Manchester’s Limbo Radio showcasing this alongside always-on-point discussions of culture and politics in the club scene and wider world. She will make her production debut with Leeds’ Leftovers label in early 2019.

BFTT Instagram Twitter Soundcloud

With recent releases including a 12 on the Whities Blue series alongside Upsammy and tracks on the always excellent Cong Burn and TT labels, and DJ appearances on NTS Radio and clubs around the North and London, BFTT is another DJ and producer to keep an eye on. His productions and selections are anchored by UK bass, techno and club music but fluidly balance everything from the more experimental sides of electronic music to straight-up pop belters.

If you’re around Sheffield next Friday, Mutualism are representing at Hatch alongside Rian Treanor & Karl D'Silva - details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/665716077158520/

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