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Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Beat The Bush
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   Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
  Idris Muhammad
   Party Lites
   I Want You For Myself
  George Duke
   Keep Your Body Workin'
   Reachin' Out
  Lee Moore
   Need You Now
   Everybody Dance
  Bumblebee Unlimited
  P & P
   In The Bush
   Dance and Shake Your Tambourine (Original Demo)
  Universal Robot Band
  P & P
   Touch Me (All Night Long)
  Wish // Fonda Rae
   We Can Make It Happen
  Prince Charles and The City Beat Band
  Electric Ice
   Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  Inner Life
  P & P
   All 2 Me
   Emergency (Dub Mix)
  Loose Ends
  BB&Q Band
   Let The Music Play
   Pleasure Principle (Dub Mix)
  Janet Jackson
   Freakin' Time (Special Edit)
  Asphalt Jungle
  Super Value Edits
   On the Way (Mr Mendel's Edit)
  Mr Mendel
  Disco Deviance
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