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Open Sesame
Beat The Bush
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   Open Sesame
  Kool & The Gang
   Hangin' On a String
  Loose Ends
   Right in the Socket
   Don't Let This Rainbow Pass Me By
  Cloud One
  Golden Flamingo
   Fall Into a Trance
  Jimmy Ross
   Take a Chance
  Mr Flagio
   Cash (Cash Money)
  Prince Charles & The City Beat Band
   Cash In Your Face
  Stevie Wonder
   Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent
  Gwen Guthrie
   All About The Paper
  The Dells
  20th Century Fox
   I Can't Go For That
  Hall & Oates
   Rumours (Shep's Dub)
  timex social club
  Cool Tempo
   Rumours (Dub Version)
  Van & His Crew
   Give It To Me (If You Don't Mind) (Instrumental)
   Sequence (Dub Sequence)
  Al Di Meola
   Give It Up For Love (Percussion Dub)
  Steve Dante
  Cool Tempo
   The River (Instrumental)
  Total Contrast
   Can't Wait Another Minute (Dub Mix) (BTB Edit)
  Five Star
   Kings & Queens
  Phil Moffa
  Most Excellent Unlimited
   Love Muzik
  Chi Town Gumbo
  Street Muzik
   One Step At a Time (Instrumental)
  Tracy Weber
  Level 42
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.