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episode thirteen / mixed bag
Bigger The Punch
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   Don't You Know
  Jan Hammer Group
  Nemporer / Groove Line
   First Light
  Makoto Matsushita
  Moon Records
   Sports Men(ス�ーツマン)
  Haruomi Hosono
  Yen Records
   Messages From the Stars
  The Rah Band
   Say You'll Say So
  Geoffrey Landers
  Music From Memory
   Just A Thought
  Chas Jankel
   Can't Stand Without You
   C'est La Ouate
  Caroline Loeb
   Any Way You Like It (Funhouse Mix)
   You Should Have Known Better (Dub Mix)
  T.C. Curtis
  Hot Melt
   Excuse Me Baby
  Dizzy K
  Sticky Buttons
   Get Serious
  Talking Drums
  Talking Drums
   Take A Chance
  Alan Sorrenti
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