episode 8 is the wolves
Big Science
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  Lena Platonos
   Today is the Day
  Yo La Tengo
   No One Asked to Dance
   Eulogy to Lenny Bruce
   Slowly Rising
  The Nightblooms
   The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave
  Butthole Surfers
  Alternative Tentacles
   Poor Old Horse
  Richard Dawson
  Richie's Own Label
   E�amonn Maga�ine (I)
  Ma�ire Ni� Cheocha�in
  Alan Lomax Archive
   An Mhaighdean Mhara
  Kitty Gallagher
  Alan Lomax Archive
   Nobody's Playing
  Lisa Germano
   Death to Our Friends
  Sonic Youth
   Organ Blues
  Tyrannosaurus Rex
  Regal Zonophone
   Tom Violence
  Sonic Youth
   Shadow Of A Doubt
  Sonic Youth
   Star Power
  Sonic Youth
   Secret Girl
  Sonic Youth
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