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Breaks & 808s
hiphop // underground // experimental // breakbeat // trap

all that new-school trap with them 808s you wish you could kick properly on FL!!! chart-toppers and the mandem whose style they bit. all that experimental rap and its based outcasts of the industry!!! and all that old-school hip-hop because you got to respect the roots and also joe budden scares me!!! ive got a thing for samples so you'll be hearing jazz&blues too if yer lucky!!! flauntin' everything between the genius of niche rap and your favorite rapper's favorite rappers, theres so much sauce!!!! and u dinny wanna get lost in it xx

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   17:00 - 18:00
   Thu, 14/03/2019
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25/10/2018 // WAY2JUICED

a series of attempts to mix LIVE durrrrty south w my main bitch zuzu which actually turned out p bad but enjoy anyway cus its my first attempt, n i havent been back in a while xx

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