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worldbeat // exotic // outsider // rhythmic // fourthworld

chOOn!! is a reissue label and a radio show operating out of Glasgow, Scotland (choooon.bandcamp.com).

Global connectivity, metaphysical traveling and world music in a very current sense, which is to say, rootless in all its dazzling multiplicity.

Intrinsically linked with the worldly sound seeking circles of minimalist and avant-garde noisemakers, chOOn!! is woven into a complex tapestry of the manmade and natural, synthetic and organic. Rooted in an impulse both ancient and original - subtle, hypnotic percussions and natural rituals confronting the digital future.

From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn!!"

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   13:00 - 15:00
   Sun, 14/02/2021
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Guest Mix #11 // Tsunaki Kadowaki
17/01/2021 // Guest Mix #11 // Tsunaki Kadowaki

This week, we welcome our eleventh guest mix selection - this time from Japanese New Age music guru and obscure Anime soundtrack specialist Tsunaki Kadowaki.

Tsunaki is a Tottori-based collector, writer and new age music enthusiast. He works at Meditations record store in Kyoto - arguably the best spot for vinyl in Japan and recently published New Age Music Disc Guide, a book of 600 new age and ambient album recommendations. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of new age music, covering releases from the ‘70s all the way up to the genre’s recent revival. For now, it’s only been published in Japanese, but thanks to the album artworks that beautifully adorn each page, it’s still an absolutely essential document for devotees of the genre.

Tsunaki’s guest mix is titled Japanese Obscure Anime Music for Experimental Music Freaks and it does just that - assembling music primarily collected from rare Japanese anime and manga image albums and soundtracks of the late 1980s/90s. It’s a collection of many moods; mysterious and intricate, delirious and luxurious. Revisiting the halcyon days of such movements are always interesting – the amateur enthusiast hasn’t yet been banned, or bartered out of existence; distribution is among friends. Rough edges remain, are encouraged. Odd characters linger on the circumference engaged in extracurricular experiments and unlikely crosscurrents.

For enthusiasts, this is a seductive prospect of both escape and compensation, insight and freakout. A unique collection of sounds that leaves you wanting more.


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