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25 - Bring The Sensi
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   Pigeon Rock
  Sister Nancy
   Time For Reality
  Tippa Irie
   Sensi Addict
  Horace Ferguson
   Smiley Culture Tribute
  YT & Mr Williams
  White Label
   Before You Go
  The Gladiators
  Virgin Frontline
   Declaration of Rights
  The Mighty Diamonds
  Music Works
   Dis a Tee Dee Jays
  Daddy Nuttea
   Big & Ready (Nuttea Kill An Other One)
  Daddy Nuttea
   All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme
  Tippa Irie
   Under Mi Sleng Teng Chungo-Bungo Dubplate Special
  Wayne Smith // Brother Culture & Kings Hi-fi
  White Label
   Play Music Selecta (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix)
  Kalbata // Mixmonster // Little John // Jah Thomas
  Scotch Bonnet
   New York Boogie
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Ranking Levy
  Scotch Bonnet
   Sugar Plum Plum (RSD Remix)
  Kalbata // Mixmonster // Little John
  Scotch Bonnet
  Evergreen // Landlord Ruckspin // Danman
  Reggae Roast
  Sugar Minot
  Studio One
   Murder She Wrote
  Chaka Demus & Pliers
   Murder He Wrote
  Joe Frasier
   Soca Time
  Byron Lee // Admiral Bailey
  Dynamic Sounds
   Sycamore Tree
  Lady Saw
   Bashment Girl
  Wayne Wonder
   You Nuh Ready Fi This yet
  Tanya Stevens
   Word Sound Power
  Super Cat
   Play With Your Pussy
  Max Romeo
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