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Club Action
dance // club // queer // mixshow // lit

Club Action is a mix show, hosted by Casual Look, featuring club music from all around the world. The show focuses on micro-scenes and the genres of music they develop - think Baltimore & Jersey Club, Ballroom, Footwork, New Orleans Bounce, Baile Funk, Berite Club, Gqom, UK Funky & Garage (and tons more). Club Action also aims to highlight contributions to these genres by queer artists - many of whom have founding, pioneering, and innovating roles in their scenes. Every week we focus on a few different club genres and feature a live guest mix by DJs from Glasgow's club scene.

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   21:00 - 23:00
   Wed, 24/06/2020
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w/ Innes
w/ Drumheller
w/ Strudwick
w/ Plantainchipps
w/ Innes
27/05/2020 // w/ Innes

Tonight on Club Action it's a summer house music special with Innes in the guest mix. To listen to more of Innes' tracks and mixes head over to https://soundcloud.com/user-287954799 xx

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