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Club Action
dance // club // queer // mixshow // lit

Club Action is a mix show, hosted by Casual Look, featuring club music from all around the world. The show focuses on micro-scenes and the genres of music they develop - think Baltimore & Jersey Club, Ballroom, Footwork, New Orleans Bounce, Baile Funk, Berite Club, Gqom, UK Funky & Garage (and tons more). Club Action also aims to highlight contributions to these genres by queer artists - many of whom have founding, pioneering, and innovating roles in their scenes. Every month we focus on a few different club genres and feature a live guest mix by DJs from Glasgow's club scene.

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   21:00 - 23:00
   Wed, 19/08/2020
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w/ DJ Scotia
w/ Innes
w/ Drumheller
w/ Strudwick
w/ DJ Scotia
24/07/2020 // w/ DJ Scotia

It is the year anniversary of Club Action's first Subcity show and we're going all out! In the first hour Casual Look is bringing you an eclectic mix of Miami Bass, Ballroom, the Sugababes, some French rap, Grime, and other scaldy anthems. In in the guest mix this week we have DJ, producer, vocalist, artist, and all round legend DJ Scotia! Head to www.mixcloud.com/djscotia too catch up all of DJ Scotia's mixes or follow soundcloud.com/novascotiathetruth for original tracks and more.

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