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Counterflows Festival
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Subcity is delighted to be part of Glasgow's own Counterflows festival this year bringing interviews, performances and music from many of the acts from the cutting edge bill.

Counterflows was founded in 2012 with an aim of providing a platform to a wide array of radical, off-stream and experimental music. Through live events, club nights, discussions, residencies, film screenings and more, we dream up ways that myriad local and international artists, communities and audiences can come together, share ideas, attempt to break down borders, challenge hierarchies, push boundaries and quite simply have a lot of fun in the process.

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Day 3 Recap w/ Dakim, Micheal LC, Palm Wine Jim CN
07/04/2019 // Day 3 Recap w/ Dakim, Micheal LC, Palm Wine Jim CN

For this, the final broadcast in Subcity Radio's coverage of Counterflows Festival 2019, we were lucky enough to get interviews with:

- Dakim

- Michael LaCour

- Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine

- Fielding Hope (Counterflows//Cafe Oto)

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Counterflows Festival 2019 (especially Alasdair and Fielding) and all the artists that took the time out to speak with us! Enjoy the rest of the festival and let's get ready for next year!!

NOTE: Unfortunately due to time we were unable to give the Jim C Nedd and Palm Wine interview the air time that it deserves. We will be using the interview to produce a larger piece to broadcast shortly - stay tuned! In the meantime listen to the album they helped produce - Guarapo! - Forty Bangers from Barranquilla Click here for more

Click here for the full Counterflows 2019 coverage.

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