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Cupid of the Clyde
comedy // spokenword // sitcom

Cupid of the Clyde is a sitcom about a failing Glaswegian dating agency. Welcome to Cupid of The Clyde, Glasgow's finest dating agency and winner of Scotland's Best Decorated Businesses' 2004 Runners Up Award. Proprietors Cillian and Roxy Cox look forward to transforming your life for the better through the power of love. Cash only. No refunds.

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Cupid of the Clyde Episode 5 // Jailhouse Rox
14/03/2014 // Episode 5: Jailhouse Rox

Roxy moves the agency’s dating services into a new market. Prisons. Meanwhile Cillian’s ex opens up old wounds, and Karen takes Byron to the gym.

Cupid of the Clyde stars Cat Hepburn as Roxy, Tom Moore as Cillian, William Samson as Byron and Heather Hardcastle as Karen. It features various male voices by Kevin P Gilday, Kevin Bell and James T Harding & various female voices by Catriona Ruth Paterson. The music was composed by Luke Faulkner, and the script editor was Eléna de Mello Hogarth. Cupid of the Clyde was produced by Catriona Ruth Paterson with huge thanks to Izzy Burton, Craig Angus and the staff at Subcity Radio. The executive producers were James T Harding and Cat Hepburn.

#CupidOTC on Twitter and find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cupidoftheclyde

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