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Episode 14: Crusades in Session
Daily Dischord
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   "Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?"
  Junior Battles
  Paper + Plastick
   Cutesy Monster Man
  Iron Chic
  Dead Broke
   Letter to a Former Lover
  Rise Records
   I Can Climb Mountains
  Hell is for Heroes
   Everything's Going My Way
   What Keeps You Breathing
  The Living Daylights
   Dried Piss
  No Trigger
  No Sleep
  88 Fingers Louie
   State of Grace
  Hot Water Music
  Rise Records
   On the Reg
   Those Miles Meant Everything
  Fist in the Air
   No Name Maddox
   Laura Palmer
Crusades in Session
   Pseudo Andro (live)
  Subcity/Daily Dischord Session
  At The Drive-in
  Grand Royal
   Public Witness Program
   Harlequin (live)
  Subcity/Daily Dischord Session
   Trojan Whore
  Pig Destroyer
   Heart Attack American
  The Bronx
  White Drugs
   Landlocked Abysmal (live)
  Subcity/Daily Dischord Session
   July! August! Reno
  The Flatliners
  Fat Wreck Chords
   The Deadly Rhythm
  Burning Heart
  Brand New
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