Good Pop/ Bad Pop?
Dance is not a Genre
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Today DINAG seeks out the most banging remixes of otherwise cheesy pop songs...
   Can't speak French (Tony Lamezma remix)
  Girls Aloud
   If you Seek Amy(Flashlight remix)
  Britney Spears
   Hot 'n' Cold (LMFAO remix)
  Katy Perry
   Just Dance (DJ Barletta crunk remix)
  Lady GaGa
   Cash in My Pocket (Chew Fu big room mix)
   Where's Your Head at? (Klass remix)
  Basement Jaxx
  Heads and Tails
   Wow (F*** me, I'm Famous remix)
  Kylie Minogue
   Gimme More (DJ Barletta remix)
  Britney Spears
   The Fear (The Count Saves Lily Allen remix)
  Lily Allen
   The Loving Kind (Utah Saints mix)
  Girls Aloud
   Be Mine (Ocelot remix)
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