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guests // spokenword // music // everything // live

DTNT is a one hour show with special guests, live performances and muuuuuuuusic! Recently, it's been more of a solitary adventure with just me playing tunes in line with a theme, but sometimes I have a pal with me.

Some past guests/pals have included singer and songwriter Jill O'Sullivan; writer Callum McSorley; NZ poet Alex Abraham; visual artist and Studio Mama owner Debbie Young; songwriter and North Uist fishfarmer Jamie MacRae; Mr. Olive Grove Lloyd Meredith and regular collaborations from the multi-talented Ryan English who brings us joys such as verbatim Randy Savage impressions and Central Belt brand home truths.

I'll ask them to pick some of their favourite music and we'll all have a lark and maybe learn some things from each other. Shucks.

Get in touch at [email protected]

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   12:00 - 13:00
   Mon, 25/05/2020
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03/05/2020 // FROM GLASGOW TO SATURN (#045)

Join us for this special episode featuring the writers and editors of the 44th issue of From Glasgow to Saturn literary journal. The journal started in 2007 and has featured the work of Alan Bissett and Kirsty Logan, to name just a few.

This episode will feature readings by the contributors themselves, some editor's comments and a review or two!

Click here for the online edition of Issue #44.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the magazine is being offered for free but if you can contribute anything to keep the publication afloat, please do!

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