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WANNA (#036)
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   I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  The Rubinoos
   I Wanna Be Yours
  John Cooper Clarke
   I Wanna Be Sedated
   I Want To Hold Your Hand
  The Beatles
   I Wanna Take You Out
  Part Time
  Mexican Summer
   All I Wanna Do
  The Beach Boys
   I Wanna Destroy You
  The Soft Boys
   I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
  Linda Thompson // Richard Thompson
   All I Want
  Joni Mitchell
   I Wanna Be Your Lover
  Warner Bros.
   I Want You Back
  The Esso Trinidad Steel Band
  Warner Bros.
   Wanna Marry You
  Daler Mehndi
  D Records
   I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
  The Modern Lovers
   I Wanna Get High
  Cypress Hill
   I Want More
   I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
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