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'Luftraum' The Den Haan Radio Show
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   Matador 'Theme from spain 82'
   Match of the day
   down in california albion edit
  king cats
   alligator dance
  Stelvio Cipriani
  Stella Edition
  Marie Laure Sachs
   Secret Laboratory
   tu doch meine ausche in die eieruhr
  Frank Zander
   The Mysterious Galaxy
   Disc Jockey
  Adriano Celentano
  galloway records
   Hollywood 7
  Alides Hidding
   Dancing Nights
   io la pantera
  Adriana Russo
   Systems breaking down
  White Label
   big trouble in little china
  The Coup De Villes
   Heart begins to beat
  Savage Progress
   Cosmic Daddy
  Venus Gang
   JR Robot
  Disco Spaceship
   The More I like It
  Adolf Stern
   Chinese Rap
  Aural Exciters
  Topflight Records
   Love is like a game
  Hot Cold
  Dig it
   Loop di love
  J Bastos
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