Positronic Cerebrum {Ean - Void}
Unearthly Matters
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~ ~ gareth's selections ~ ~
  Fool's Gold
   Love Can't Turn Around
  Farley Jackmaster Funk // Jessie Saunders
   Pygmy Funk
  Spyro Gyra
   It's On You
  self distributed
   Pimpin' & Robbin
  Triple Six Mafia
  Prophet Entertainment
   Your Best Friend
   Smoothies, Foodies, Flat Screens and Virtuality
  James Ferraro
  Hippos In Tanks
   Kofta moment
  Digi G’Alessio
~ ~ Ean (Void) ~ ~ 60 minute guest mix ~ ~
  Robotmachine Records
   Electro (Planetary Acknowledgements)
  Aux 88
   Ballo Dei Morti
  Cyber Dance Records
   Fire In My Heart
  Escape From New York
   Beautiful Plateau
  Sonic Youth
  Goofin' Records
   Freeze Frame
  Delia Derbyshire
  Arabian Prince
  Stones Throw
  Colonel Abrams
   Let Me Feel Your Body
  One Way
  Third Label
   I Need Love
  Delirium Records
   Love Emergency
   Pop Art Records
   Unionens Sista Dagar (Brassica's Chicken Feed Mix)
  Erik XVI ‎
  Highpoint Lowlife
   Primrose Path
   Techno Cop
   Computer Bank
  Robert Lawrence // Mark Phillips
  Quick Stab
   Poke Inferno
  The Chicago Shags
   Jesus Loves The Acid
  Ecstasy Club
  Swordfish Records
   Work The Box (Vocals)
   Without The Music
  Alek Stark // J. The Barber
  Original Street Techno Recordings
~ ~ end of Ean's ~ ~ 60 minute guest mix ~ ~
~ ~ gareth's selections ~ ~
   The Wind
  Chet Baker
   Boyfriend Material
  This Thing
   Ghosts I Have Known
  self distributed
   Flamin' Teenage
  Magic Eye
  self distributed
   Drop Diva
  Suicide Squeeze
   Edge Of Time
  Charles Gayle Trio
  Clean Feed
   Dancing Gods
  Silver Apples
  Kapp Records, Vogue
   Trip to Samye Ling
  Mother Ganga
  Instructional Media
  Sir Froderick
  self distributed
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