EP 14: As we build a jungle lullaby
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   Hasta siempre
  Carlos Puebla Y Sus Tradicionales
  Havana Nites
   Save the Children
  Gil Scott-Heron
   Mrs. Morris
  Charles Spearin
  Arts & Crafts
   Watching The Wheels
  John Lennon
   Looking For Your Face
  Jared Haris // Deepak Chopra
   nimeh gomshodeh man
  Finders Keepers
   My Mother Did Not Become Beautiful
  Reza Farmand
  North Atlantic
   As We Build(Frappuccino Machine)
   Jungle Lullaby
  C.W. Stoneking
  King Hokum
   Love Comes Quietly
  Robert Creeley
   Do You Love Me
  Bendaly Family
  Bendaly Family
   Bang, Bang Outishly
  Amiri Baraka
  Rai Trade
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