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Electric Funeral
metal // doom // grim

since 2018 electric funeral has been putting a friendly face on the most unfriendly music around. we play the latest and greatest in doom/sludge/death/thrash/black metal, as well as anything heavy in the world of noise, punk, hardcore, electronic and pop. You can also hear conversations, interviews, stories and general chit-chat with some of the most prominent artists and journalists in the genre. if you've got a soft spot for hard music or even just a morbid curiosity, you can do a lot worse than giving us a listen. we're on instagram at @electricfuneralgla

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   17:00 - 18:00
   Thu, 01/10/2020
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Electric Funeral #39: Here We Go! 🕳
17/09/2020 // Electric Funeral #39: Here We Go! 🕳

Hi everyone! The sun is out, the football is back, and subcity are putting a load of good stuff out for freshers week!

This evening's episode comes fresh out of a very productive bandcamp rabbit hole, lots of new heavy sounds from all over the world: American death metal, norwegian avant-thrash, black metal from iceland and some completely indescribable noise out of kenya, which you can hear in full right here: https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/album/duma

You can also get early access to the new album from medieval black metal band The Infernal Sea here via invisible oranges: https://www.invisibleoranges.com/the-infernal-sea-negotium-crucis-premiere/

as always you can find us on instagram @electricfuneralgla and our full playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/53BRPS8hk7Rj6cwOL64Anj?si=LL-W453RRP6dxMjZ2Sd7ag

all the best,


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