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Electric Funeral #41: Fright Night
Electric Funeral
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   Fright Night
  J. Geils Band
  Private I
   Coven In Charing Cross
   Flash of the Blade
  Iron Maiden
   The Grand Conjuration
   The Ghoul
   Black Mass
  Electric Wizard
  Rise Above
   Return of the Zombie
  Saint Vitus
  Paradise Lost
   Rosemary's Baby
   Maypole Song (The Wicker Man OST)
  Paul Giovanni // Magnet
   In Heaven (Eraserhead OST)
  David Lynch // Alan Splet
   Butcher of the World
  Lingua Ignota
  Profound Lore
   Serpent Headed Mask
   At the Wicked Ceremonial
  Beast Conjurator
  Luna Nueva, La Medula Espinal, Hell
   The Chaos Path
  Music For Nations / Misanthropy
   Spookshow Baby
  Rob Zombie
   Scarlet Dream
   Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
  Type O Negative
   Come to the Sabbath
  Mercyful Fate
   Lucifer, My Love
  Twin Temple
  White Label
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