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Electric Lemonade
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   Girl Panic!
  Duran Duran
   Baptism (Optimus Prime Remix)
  Crystal Castles
   Want You Gone
  Jonathan Coulton
  Portal 2
   Gay Unicorn 1
  Gay Against You
  Upset The Rhythm
   Hairy House
  Gay Against You
  Upset The Rhythm
  Dacav 5
  White Label
   The Advantage
   Nyan Cat (Ales S Dub)
  The Internet
  White Label
   Mortal Kombat (Primal Shock Re-Fix)
  The Immortals
   You Need A Ladder (Zelda Theme)
   Green Hill Zone (Hooky Remix)
  Sonic The Hedgehog
   (Always Kill) The Things I Love
  Claudia Brücken & The Real Tuesday Weld
   Link's Electric Nightmare
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