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El Rancho
indie // rocknroll // pop // country // psych

El Rancho Radio brings you the twisted roots of rock 'n' roll, country and beyond!!!
Country, Folk, Blues, Classic Pop, Psych, Garage, Indie, Trash, Glam, Country Funk, Southern Soul, Power Pop, Americana and Brother Beyond...
Fortnightly Thursdays. Get in touch on Twitter @elranchorecords
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   16:00 - 17:00
   Thu, 03/10/2019
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10/09/2019 // FREAKENDER 2019 SPECIAL

Freakender Festival 2019 is only days away! The trio (including myself, Holly Calder and Ross Keppie) who bring this wonderful three day party are in the studio today running down all the hot steppers playing 13th-15th Sept at The old Hairdressers. Expect to hear Alex Rex, All Girls Arson Club, Apostille, Buffet Lunch, Deathcats, Double Discone, Dom Jolly, The Foetals, John Myrtle, Las Acuarelas, Modern Nature, Order Of The Toad, Our Lady Of The Stars, POZI, Romeo Taylor, The Roves, Ryder The Eagle, Scott Yoder, VLURE, Walt Disco, WomenSaid, Van Duren!

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