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Eve was Framed
house // electronica // pop // neosoul // alternativernb

Eve was Framed is dedicated to showcasing the latest female talent whilst also digging back to the classics and the overlooked. From fempop to 90s female rap to up-and-coming women producers/ creators, be ready to listen to both the underdogs and the icons. Everyone and anyone is welcome to listen to the eclectic number of genres we’ll be playing including rnb, pop, garage, soul, carnival house, reggaton and more. Interlacing the music will be light discussion on ongoing feminist topics from across the globe which strive to provide food for thought.

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   18:00 - 19:00
   Sun, 24/02/2019
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I Thought This Song Was Big In Germany
10/02/2019 // I Thought This Song Was Big In Germany

Pop > Pop-RnB > a nice mix of techno, futurebounce, experimental and more. Featuring Chrissy and Hawley, Alexis Jae, Jubilee, L U C Y and the usual suspects (of course, another Charli XCX remix).

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