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Eve was Framed
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Madonna 'Fuck Is Not a Bad Word' (Blonde Ambition Tour, London 1990)
   Fuck Up The Fun
  Azealia Banks
   Fuck Me Pumps
  Amy Winehouse
   Fucking Boyfriend
  The Bird And The Bee
  Blue Note
   Fuck Me & Feed Me
  Rendezvous At Two
   Lovesick Fuck (BBC Sound of 2016 Live Session)
  mura masa // Bonzai
  anchor point
   Fuck With Myself
   Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
   Fuck the Pain Away
   Fucked my Way Up to the Top
  Lana Del Rey
   Go Fuck Yourself
  Two Feet
  Majestic Casual
Nicki Minaj Time 100 Interview Excerpt
   They Don't Wanna Fuck With Me
  Missy Elliot
   Fuck The Police
  J Dilla
  Up Above
New Music Sundays
   Proud of Me
  Mahalia // Little Simz
  Ravyn Lenae
   U Never Call Me
  Jadu Heart // mura masa
  anchor point
   Worth It
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