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Funkey Dorey
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   Soulful Strut
  Young Holt Unlimited
   Brother's Gonna Work It Out
   Willie Hutch
   Fight The Power
  The Isley Brothers
   Now Baby Now
  Full Time
   Cola Bottle Baby
  Edwin Birdsong
   West Coast Poplock
  Ronnie Hudson
   Pigmy Part One
  Billy Larkin
  street sounds
   Paras Los Rumberos
  Tito Puente
  Soul Jazz
   Get Back
  Anonymously Yours
   Going Back To My Roots
  Richie Haevens
   Who's Makin Love
  Johnnie Taylor
   I'd Be Nowhere About You
  Nu People
  White Label
   Funky President
  James Brown
  Simply Vinyl
   A Change Is Gonna Come
  Sam Cooke
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