The Average Hight of this Episode is 5' 6&1/2"
Ghosts in the Machine
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   Fake Palindromes
  Andrew Bird
  Righteous Babe
//01mins 50// Intro- "The Duke" Luke Peter Healey is in the studio due to Dave failing his fitness test- it was a close shave, What we going to do now? Juan chat is what, The switchboard is in! with at least 7 or 10 and at most 11 phones.
   Everlasting Light
  The Black Keys
  St. Vincent
//13.20// First caller- and it's going to be disappointing especially after paying £46 for a phone, "You pair of tarts!", "The Duke's" jumped so it's time for Alphabeat- fantastic (6)
   K&G Beat
  Floating Points
  Little Dragon
//28.50// King Tuts and the popping of two "cherries", I'll give you ABC, It was a legitimate question, 2nd caller- carrying as much frustration as the last caller (cause it's the same one with an accent)
   Samba Machine
  Luaka Bop
//36.30// General Reporter Juan Davisez with Dr. Clive Vittel in tow- Superinjections, Will the council catch him? probably not, Making up for the lack of Dave
  No Doubt
//48.50// We are trained in this, Email from... Lloyd Fernando plus plugging, Call No. 3- A. Garfunkall, Big up and large love to Dorchester.
   Scarlet Ceremony
  Belbury Poly
  Ghost Box
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