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Green Eggs and Ham
requests // reconstructedclub // sadpop // fastmusic

DJ Station Manager in the house

tryna provide some motivational advice at least

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yeh it is
2 months
uwu (my hands are too cold to dj)
01/12/2019 // uwu (my hands are too cold to dj)

listen back is broken so this is gonna be one shot one chance one life baby

bought some zines yesterday they are pretty good

didn't listen to new music for about a month and then crammed it all in a week

i have become obssessed with watching MOTD every week - it is the light at the end of the tunnel, Gary Linekar's face a shining beacon to drag me through the week.

If you would like to watch MOTD with me please let me know because i want to become a string-vest wearing stella drinking weekend warrior and I can't do it alone. Thanks.

Eating some soup rn and i poured way too much in :(

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