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The Hardcore and the Gentle
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   The Devil
  XL Recording
   Untitled Dub
  Groove Connektion 2
  Groove Connektion
   Let Yourself Go
  G.O.D. Three
  Nice N Ripe
   Un-named Ninja
  Tomi Kain
  Bass Overdrive
   Driven Away
  AykLogic Records
   Love You Anyway Remix
  De Nada
  Wildstar Records
   Your Loving Arms (Junior Vasquez Padapella)
  Billie Ray Martin
   House is Food - We Can Eggo it
  DJ Phantasy // DJ Gemini
  liquid Wax Recordings
   The Way Forward
  Tight Control
  Bear Neccessities
   The Mind (Part 2)
  Big City Records
   It's My Chopper
  Active Force
  Not On Label
   Timeless World
  On Remand
  Crack House productions
   Back In The Days (Sexy Ladys Mix)
  Urban Jungle
  Jungle mania records
   I'll Be There
  Boogie beat records
   123 o'clock rock
  Noise Factory
  3rd Party
   Players, Ballers, Rollers
  Starski and Clutch
  Databass Records
   Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)
  The House Crew
  Production House
   Deep and Rolling
  The Specialist
   River of Dreams
  Unknown Untitled
  Ravers Choice
  Ravers Choice
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