Hawkchild DIY
hiphop // electronic // industrial // rnb // global

Hawkchild DIY attempts to transcend genre as it gently ushers, or drags, you through a hellish industrial soundscape cut with your big sister’s favourite Aaliyah tracks. Drawing inspiration from collectives such as GHE20G0TH1K, comfortable house and ambient is left at the door in favour of sonically intense mixes and Rihanna deep cuts. Primarily showcasing the work of BME and other marginalised artists, Hawkchild DIY creates a space fundamentally fresh and separate from contemporary white, hyper-masculine club cultures - cultivating soundscapes which are as inclusive and diverse as they are unsettling to a status quo. Underground sounds are placed at the forefront and any pre-conceived notions of what makes ‘good club music’ are thoroughly destroyed.

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guests: Droves and Christopher MacArthur-Boyd
03/07/2017 // discussion w/ Droves & Christopher Macarthur-B

A different format for this show as Hawkchild day-ones are discussing modern and classic punk/hardcore/indie/whatever shit that we spent our pre-teens and early teens growing up with and more current music that you should hear.

Droves are one of the best punk bands in Scotland. Christopher is one of the best comedians in Scotland. Listen to what they have to say.

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