Hawkchild DIY
hiphop // electronic // industrial // rnb // global

Hawkchild DIY attempts to transcend genre as it gently ushers, or drags, you through a hellish industrial soundscape cut with your big sister’s favourite Aaliyah tracks. Drawing inspiration from collectives such as GHE20G0TH1K, comfortable house and ambient is left at the door in favour of sonically intense mixes and Rihanna deep cuts. Primarily showcasing the work of BME and other marginalised artists, Hawkchild DIY creates a space fundamentally fresh and separate from contemporary white, hyper-masculine club cultures - cultivating soundscapes which are as inclusive and diverse as they are unsettling to a status quo. Underground sounds are placed at the forefront and any pre-conceived notions of what makes ‘good club music’ are thoroughly destroyed.

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Hawkchild DIY Episode 4
14/04/2017 // Hawkchild DIY Episode 4

After a post-trance party comedown lasting weeks, enough energy has been mustered to do another show.

What happens when unorthodox electronic music meets contemporary hip hop & rnb and has a car crash with tracks that force you on an intense trip back to your secondary school years?

Fuck knows, but people seem to enjoy it considering how many of you have showed up and supported it in the club.

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