Hawkchild DIY
hiphop // electronic // industrial // rnb // global

Hawkchild DIY attempts to transcend genre as it gently ushers, or drags, you through a hellish industrial soundscape cut with your big sister’s favourite Aaliyah tracks. Drawing inspiration from collectives such as GHE20G0TH1K, comfortable house and ambient is left at the door in favour of sonically intense mixes and Rihanna deep cuts. Primarily showcasing the work of BME and other marginalised artists, Hawkchild DIY creates a space fundamentally fresh and separate from contemporary white, hyper-masculine club cultures - cultivating soundscapes which are as inclusive and diverse as they are unsettling to a status quo. Underground sounds are placed at the forefront and any pre-conceived notions of what makes ‘good club music’ are thoroughly destroyed.

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Hawkchild DIY Episode 7 - The Malia Special
17/01/2018 // Unnamed Episode

For a while i’ve felt that to be successful in today’s music sphere in Glasgow, it’s integral to become a “marketable� personality, especially with the current status of social media - this is something i have struggled with, however i’m making steps in the right direction to rectify the issue with the following project: 

To send off this era of Hawkchild DIY, I’ll be doing something i’ve not actually ever done before - something quite humbling, to be honest.

I was approached via email by a long time fan of Hawkchild DIY, Henry Cartwright, from Worksop in the East Midlands. 
Henry had sent me a really heartfelt story about his experiences on his holiday to Crete earlier this Summer to celebrate the end of his time at Sixth Form.

His request was for me to soundtrack/soundscape his experience whilst retelling his account of what had happened on his trip away on my Subcity Radio show. This was something i couldn’t say no to.

Tune in to hear a tragic yet cautionary, coming of age true story about heartbreak, anger and hopelessness on what should have been the holiday of a lifetime. 

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