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Hooray For Tuesday
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   Everything's Going to be Cool This Christmas
   Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes
  Harvey Danger
   Tiny Christmas Tree
   Rill Rill
  Sleigh Bells
  Mom and Pop
   Christmas is Cancelled
  The Long Blondes
   Come on Christmas
  Saint Ettienne
  Fan Club Release
   You'll Never Find my Christmas
  Bishop Allen
   Teenage Christmas
  Eux Autres
  Bon Mots
   It's Christmas
  Coconut Records
   7 O'Clock News/Silent Night
  Simon and Garfunkel
   Snow is Falling
  Darker My Love
   Santa's Beard
  They Might Be Giants
  Bar None
   I've got Something For You
  Best Coast // Wavves
   Christmas at the Zoo
  The Flaming Lips
  Warner Bros.
   Let's Wrap Each Other
  The National Splits
   Toy Jackpot
   Last Christmas
  Swipe! // Gwenno (of The Pipettes)
   Maybe This Christmas
  Ron Sexsmith
   Father Christmas
  The Kinks
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