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Machines in Heaven back to back pop
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   The wilhelm scream
  James Blake
  Atlas Recordings
   Gospel For A New Century
  Yves Tumor
  Little Dragon
   Never settling down
   Your woman
  White Town
   Your girlfriend
  Bella Boo
  Studio Barnhus
   So good
  Cut Copy
   It doesn't just happen
   Is love this?
  Magic Daddy // Il sensine
  Not On Label
   We Will Become Silhouettes
  The Postal Service
  Sub Pop
   Fetch the boltcutters
  Fiona Apple
  Not On Label
   Coming around again
  Christian gleinser
  Strange Life
   Be a body
   Desert Strike
  Fatima Al Qadiri
  Fade To Mind
   Is it Cold in the Water
   Crushed Bones
   Camera's Grain
  Max Oakland
  Not On Label
   Say What You Think
  Pops Tuna
  Not On Label
   Suck Suckin' da Spleen Ween
  Creepy Marbles
  Self Released
   Quantum Leap
  John Maus
  Upset The Rhythm
   Lucky Girl
  Flying Nun
   Mt Vernon, 2011
  blood blood
  Not On Label
   Bad Habit
  Toma T
  Not On Label
  Caution Crow
  Not On Label
   Mothering Tongue
  Super Inuit
  Daddy Kool
   What a day day
  Ninja Tune
   In the Dumps
  Not On Label
  Adrian Orange
   A flower's all you need
  Ennio Morricone // Demis Roussos
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