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Rap oddities, exploring the underrated, overlooked or misunderstood hip hop gems of the last 40 years. The list of styles to be considered fair game are G-funk, Crunk, Memphis Rap, Trap, Boom Bap, Mafioso, Electro, Cloud, Mumble(!?), Trip Hop, Drill and everything in-between.

No rock shall be left unturned, no era left behind, from the paranoid ramblings of Gangsta Pat and the irresistible soundscapes of DJ Quik to the bombastic delivery of Lil Kim and the hard-as-nails beats of Young Chop. Each show will give focus to specific cities, scenes, sub-genres or moods, remaining in reverence of the greats whilst also keeping a close eye on The Next Big Thing™.

Tune in, drop the top and expect the unexpected.

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   Fri, 05/01/2018
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Hot Takes #2 - A Year in Review
08/12/2017 // Hot Takes #2 - A Year in Review

Hot Takes returns for an end of year special, taking a look back at some of the hip hop highlights for 2017.

Needless to say, hip hop/rap/r&b played a bit of a blinder this year, producing some truly outstanding tunes, dominating the charts and leading the way in style, fashion, politics and most important of all; mEmEs. The recent surge of new and innovative artists asserted their mark on the culture, while all the big hitters continued to deliver timeless, engaging and entertaining projects to the masses.

Despite this, it would be v disingenuous to not acknowledge some of the prominent issues faced by the genre, with numerous high profile and disturbing allegations being levelled at emerging as well as established artists. As result of this, the show aims to highlight some of the amazing music by female and LGBT artists, dedicating the first segment in an attempt to readdress the gender imbalance in the scene. Expect work from Kelela, IAMDDB, cupcakKe, Cardi B and many, many more.

The second half will look at some of the slept on projects of the last twelve months, showcasing the deeper cuts, bangers and ballads that deserve a bit more recognition. Here's hoping for some of the waviest tunes out, it's gonna be a good 1!

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