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Gareth, hermeneutical spirals, and killer whales
Initial Itch
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   The Cave
  Mumford & Sons
Intro / Killer Whale Poem by Stephen Redman
   Boys Don't Cry
  The Cure
'Jazz Days' by Graham Buchan read by Stephen Redman
   When The Man Comes Around
  Johnny Cash
Interview with Gareth K. Vile - Part I: Critics
   Are You The One?
  Camille O'Sullivan
  Celtic Note
'Show Me A People Who Love' by Ollie Higham
   You've Got The Love (Remix)
  Florence And The Machine // The xx
Interview with Gareth K. Vile - Part II: Theatre Makers
  Ute Lemper
   Martin Luther King Jr. Sings In Memphis
  Auto-Tune The News
  White Label
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