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That Hammond Sound
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   Camel Back
  A.B. Skhy
   Fire & Water
  Charles Kynard
   Here Now!
  Charles Kynard
  World Pacific
Weird But Wonderful Contenders
   The Only One I Know
  The Charlatans
  Beggar's Banquet
  Inspiral Carpets
   Blue Organ
  Bobby Emmons -
   Listen Here
  Eddie Harris
   Why Don't You Play The Organ Man
  Memphis Black
   Blue Jay Way
  The Beatles
  Keith Mansfield Orchestra
   Billy's Bag
  Billy Preston
   All About My Girl
  Jimmy McGriff
  Blue Note
   Knock On Wood
  The Twilighters
   Gimme Me Some Lovin'
  Spencer Davis Group
   All Or Nothing
  The Small Faces
   The Vamp
  Gene Ludwig
   The Hen Pt 1
  Louis Chachere
Weird But Wonderful Winner
   The Charlatans
  The Only One I Know
  Beggar's Banquet
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