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Jovial Earth Sounds
ambient // newage // fieldrecordings

Jovial Earth Sounds is a broadcast from the planet Enceladus in the year 7612. The Enceladians are intercepting a huge stream of audio trash from the home world of the homosapiens. It's unclear whether the planet is still alive. This radio show is made up of recycled audio from Earth's sonic waste, including terrestrial field recordings, blissed-out new age and terraforming ambience.

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EP 12: The Soothing Sounds Of Country Music
15/03/2020 // EP 12: The Soothing Sounds Of Country Music

This month's episode focuses on a mostly beatless selection of music adjacent to country and folk music. We'll be sketching out a brief history including Ry Cooder and Daniel Lanois before moving on to modern works by composers such as Chuck Johnson, Ben Babbitt, and Marissa Anderson. This one's for all the sleepy hangover heads and folks in need of corona-anxiety respite.

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