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hiphop // electronic // pop // underground // trap

KINGKU RADIO is a show that expresses numerous genres and should connect with different people on a new level. Ultimately the show is an extension of my creativity, therefore, will draw from a lot of cultures that influences me like Afrocaribbean, Hip-hop and Electronic. The ultimate motto of the show is “Don’t be Basic�, though it will be feature some mainstream, it will play songs that people would probably have never heard of before, songs in different languages, from different cultures. With guests from different parts of the world. Every episode will have a different theme and genres. however, it will not be afraid to repeat a theme but in a new light, as the show is mainly based on Pop, Hip-hop and electronic music. Genres of the show would be central to trend and underground culture ranging from Hip-hop and R&b to iconic pop, classic rock, future electronic, the music of the 22nd century and more. The show conveys a one world international Vibe. With each episode telling a story of some sorts and I as the host conveying the atmosphere through music.

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   14:00 - 15:00
   Wed, 21/04/2021
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Spring Vibes
07/04/2021 // Spring Vibes

We’ve got an amazing chill playlist coming up today. Check it out at 2pm today

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