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I'm Higher Than I'm Down: Garage, Psychedelia etc
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   I Don't Wanna Dance
  Eddy Grant
   Making Time
  The Creation
   You Need Lovin'
  The Small Faces
   Wok 'N' Roll
  Milk n Cookies
  Captured Records
   Emily Small (The Huge World Thereof)
  Picadilly Line
  Alan Brown
   Strange House
  The Attack
   I Can Hear The Grass Grow
  The Move
   Candy and a Currant Bun
  Pink Floyd
   Peace of Mind
  Blue Cheer
   Hey Sweety
  Roy Owen's Moon
   Curse of the Witches
  Strawberry Alarm Clock
   Garden of Earthly Delights
   In Your Tower
  The Poets
   Touch Me
  The Doors
   Acid Bean
  Killing Floor
   I'm Higher than I'm Down
  The Aardvarks
   Eight Miles High
  The Byrds
   God Only Knows
  The Beach Boys
   Blister On the Moon
   Pictures of Lilly
  The Who
   Splash pt 1
  13th Floor Elevators
  International Artists
   Starry Eyes
  Roky Erickson
  Not On Label
   I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
  The Third Bardo
   Drive It To Home
  The Wig
   Go Ahead
  The Squires
   My Brother, The Man
  We The People
   Walking Through My Dreams
  The Pretty Things
   Garden Of My Mind
  The Mickey Finn
   Dance Around The Maypole
  The Acid Gallery
   When the Nigh Falls
  The Eyes
   Thoughts of a Madman
  The Nomads
   Rolls Royce
  Achille Lauro
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