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Lava Lava
techno // house // electronic // deep

LAVA LAVA is the Glasgow-based collective of Barrientos & DVRS.

Born in 2012 through a love of club culture, LAVA LAVA is a platform to showcase the best record labels and producers from the many fringes of the House music genre and beyond.

Our Residents come with almost 20 years of experience immersed in the local and international music scene, bringing new & exclusive cuts to every show as well as hidden gems from record shops and dusty crates across the country.

Broadcasting live every 2nd Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

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Episode 159: A Love Letter To House Music
28/06/2020 // Episode 159: A Love Letter To House Music

Lava Lava is back on the airwaves after a month-long hiatus with a special 3 hour broadcast.

Our show has always focused on House Music and the celebration of racial and sexual diversity that comes with it. The European club culture we have right now would not be anything like what it is today if it wasn’t for those pioneering artists, producers, DJ’s, vocalists and clubbers who created House Music.

Today is a love letter to house music, the black American artists who made it what it is today and those who continue to push the boundaries.

Find out more about the roots and history of House Music via :

Mixed In Key

Icon Collective


Read Kevin Saunderson's recent interview with Billboard about how the House scene is failing black artists.

Read about the disregard that pivotal TRAX Record label displayed towards the budding House music producers of the 80's.

Listen to DJ sets from the godfathers of House Music Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles & Ron Hardy.

Discover more black artists & producers via this crowd sourced list on Bandcamp.

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