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Lava Lava
techno // house // electronic // deep

LAVA LAVA is a celebration of worldwide club culture, playing music from the pioneers of the modern House music sound to those who continue to push the boundaries.

Join Divers every 2nd Sunday from 4pm 'til 6pm for an eclectic journey through dance-floor focussed sounds, exclusive tracks and deep cuts from records unearthed across the country.

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   16:00 - 18:00
   Sun, 04/10/2020
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20/09/2020 // FRESHERS FESTIVAL: The Inner Circle

It's no secret that I think Glasgow is one of the best cities in the world, and over the course of the next 2 hours I want to show you why.

Listen in to Lava Lava from 4pm to hear music from the local artists, musicians, DJ's and record labels that make this such a rich and diverse scene. Taking in a wide range of genres & vibes, from deep Electronic cuts to Disco, House, Post Punk, Techno and beyond.

If you're new here than I'll be taking you on a tour of my Top 5 record stores in Glasgow; heading South for Otherside & Some Great Reward, out West for Mixed Up and back into the city to Rubadub and Palais De Danse.

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