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Davey & Greg Punky & Noisy stuff
Machines in Heaven
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Greg starts here
   Sister ray
  The Velvet Undergound
   Give it up
  LCD Soundsytem
   What we all want
  Gang Of Four
  Rites of Spring
   Bad penny
  Big Black
  Touch and Go
   You got my number (why don't you use it?)
  The Undertones
   Something's gone wrong again
   Death Valley 69
  Sonic Youth
  Blast First
   Leaders of men
  Joy Division
   I'm no gold
   Rollin' and scratchin'
  Daft Punk
Davey starts here
   Support our troops oh!
  Xiu Xiu
  5 Rue Christine
   Crank heart
  Xiu Xiu
  Free Porcupine Society
   Mr self destruct
  Nine Inch Nails
  Not On Label
   The devil rides out
  Blvck Ceiling
  Machine Girl
  Dred Collective
   ionic funk (20xxx battle music)
  Machine Girl
  Dred Collective
   Come up and get me
  Death Grips
  Not On Label
   Made in hong kong
   Testicle waltz
  Psychic TV
  Vinyl On Demand
   Threnody For The Victims Of hiroshima
  Krzysztof Penderecki
  Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne
   na vilavilairevu
  Hunting Lodge
   Cut hands has the solution
  Very Friendly/Susan Lawly
  Bobby Krlic
   Start the riot
  Atari Teenage Riot
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