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Make It Funky
Mighty Mighty
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   Plastic Jim
  Sly & The Family Stone
   Yes We Can
  Lee Dorsey
   Stay Away From That Monkey
  Jimmy McCracklin
   Bucktown Main Theme
  Johnny Pate
   Hoppin' John
  Melvin Van Peebles
   My Thang
  John Wagner Coalition
   It's Your Thing
  Cold Grits
   Satan's Boogie
  Ohio Players
   Schoolboy Crush
  Average White band
   You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)
  Jackson Five
   Loose Booty
   Message From the Meters
  Super Funk
   Honky Tonk
  James Brown
   Lover and a Friend
  Eddie Bo // Inez Cheatham
  The Meters
  Kool & The Gang
   Sexy Coffee Pot
  Tony Avalon and the Belairs
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