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Mumz the Word
reggae // bass // jungle // club // footwork

From slow and steady reggae rhythms to the swarming breaks of 160 and beyond, Governess and Skenghis Khan take you on a high-energy-high-oestrogen romp through bass heavy dance music.

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   21:00 - 22:00
   Fri, 09/07/2021
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#7 Mumz on Holz
11/06/2021 // #7 Mumz on Holz

Listen back to a mix the Mummiez put together for Cashmere Radio Station in Berlin as part of the Subcity / Cashmere radio swap, originally broadcast back in May. For their international debut the Mumz get down and dirty with the 130s; Governess presents a tight mix of bouncy, ethereal sounds while Skenghiskhan delves into the realm of NUKG.

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