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Music For Pleasure
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It's last last chance to hear these songs on Music For Pleasure! (Untill We Get them back in a mystery bag of course)
   Oxygene 4
  Jean Michel Jarre
   Walk in Love
  LA Sounds
  Pierre Froidebise
  Clive Lythgoe
  Music for Pleasure
   Trumpet Voluntary
  Unicorn Concert Orchestra
  Ace of Clubs
   A Gay Ranchero
  Roy Rogers
   Maggie May
  Rod Stewart
  Warner Bros.
  Freddie Mercury // Montserrat Caballe
   New Sun Rising
  John Williams
   I Still haven't got any talent
   Three Times A Lady
  Johnny Mathis
  Neil Diamond
   What's Love Got To Do With It?
  Tina Turner
   In The Land Of Odin
  Nina // Frederick
  Music for Pleasure
   These Are My Mountains
  Calum Kennedy
   What Do The Simple Folk Do
  Paul Daneman // Pat Michael
  Music for Pleasure
   The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  Mormon Tabernacle Choir
   something stupid
  Frank Sinatra // Nancy Sinatra
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