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A mixed bag
Music For Pleasure
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We Don't Know What We're Doing!
   A Perfect Day
  Lou Reed
   Rockin' All Over the World
  Status Quo
   White Man
   She Caught the Katy
  The Blues Brothers
   Rescue Me
  Fontella Bass
Black Box Player
   Rainbow in the Dark
   Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Phil Collins' hearing loss song
   Who Said I Would?
  Phil Collins
   Nowhere Man
  The Beatles
   Gimme All Your Lovin
  ZZ Top
   The Jean Genie
  David Bowie
Those aren't the tunes you're looking for...
  The Cast of West Side Story
   Handbags and Gladrags
  Rod Stewart
   King Herod's Song
  The Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar
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