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One man and his records
Music For Pleasure
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Happy death-day, Burnsy.
   Call Me
   Lost Paraguayos
  Rod Stewart
   Morning Has Broken
  Cat Stevens
   Softly Whispering I Love You
  The Congregation
What Alchemy is this?A compact disk! But I want all my music in a really inconvenient foot wide format!
   I'm Happy to be here tonight
Shh...It's an unanounced Bach Megamix!
   Fugue in Dm
  Les Swingle Singers
   Air on a G String
  Alan Moorhouse
  Music for Pleasure
   Air on a G String
  John Williams
   The Devil went down to Georgia
  The Charlie Danniels Band
   Extra, Extra (Read all about it)
  Ralph Carter
  Lionel Richie
   In The Hall of the Mountain King
  Artur Rodzinski // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   Titles (from Chariots of Fire)
  The London Symphony Orchestra
   Knowing Me Knowing You
   Fionnphort Ferry
  Calum Kennedy
   An Eriskay Love Lilt
  Moira Anderson
   Strangers In The Night
  Frank Sinatra
  Warner Bros.
   Rambling Rose
  Nat King Cole
   Swingin' Safari
  Bert Kampfert
   I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
  Dionne Warwick
  Clive Dunn
  Music for Pleasure
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