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I wanna dance with somebody
Music For Pleasure
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Dance Commandeer
   Boogie Wonderland
  Earth, Wind and Fire
   Boogie on Reggae Woman
  Stevie Wonder
   Black Milk
  Eighth from the egg
  Ninja Tune
   Space Walk
  Lemon Jelly
   Seven Brothers (Hefner Mix)
  Oi Va Voi
black box recording time
   Cold as Ice
   God Is A DJ
   Dub Be Good To Me
  Beats International // Lindy
   King of My Castle
  Whamdue Project
   I Wish It Would Rain Down
  Phil Collins
   Dirty Diana
  Michael Jackson
   In The Mood
  Glenn Miller // His Orchestra
   Wesley Music
  Giant Step
   Peter Piper
  Run DMC
   Dancing' On The Ceiling
  Lionel Ritchie
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