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New Age Death Guru
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"the family is the unit.... of all that is ugly"
  Brian Eno
   abc (freeform)
   moon walk
  Michel Gonet
  Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
  Born Bad
"i don't believe in anything, not even in truth. It is very difficult for me to be truthful"
  Rex Illusivi
   playing among the gods
  Takashi Kokubo
incredibly beauty, i just feel it when he's around... i just, wanna be near him
   ramphastidae star creched blouse
  Monopoly Child Star Searchers
  Underwater Peoples
   danse souer
  Ariel Kalma
  Black Sweat
   now then
  Belbury Poly
  Ghost Box
"you are DEAD. you are a CORPSE"
   Aquarius Blue
  MJ Lallo
  Seance Centre
   bright dance
  Caissard DJ.
  Bahnsteig 23
"See, money is not important.... money will come."
   rain treck
  Clifford White
  Tri Atma und Ryan Nishabda
   venetian blinds (instrumental)
   ethno groove
  New Music International
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